After being spoiled over break by my favorite chocolate bar, the Wesleyan Dark Chocolate search must continue. Fortunately, however, it seems like the best season to jump back in and try to find the *ultimate chocolate from Wesleyan*, because, you know (do you?) that Valentine’s Day is nigh. The only problem is, I felt uncomfortable at the prospect of buying all the bars of Valentine’s chocolate at Weshop, and sadly and impractically, it’s seasonal anyways. Do I want to fall in love (haha relevant Valentine’s Day joke haha) with a chocolate that I know will only be here for the next few weeks? It was a gamble…but, ultimately, one I had to make!
Also, though, keeping that seasonality in mind, I picked up the Green & Black’s Mint chocolate bar as well. I have reservations about their chocolate because of the extremely unfortunate coffee flavor bar that I had, but because Green & Black’s was smirking at me from its exclusive shelf literally right near the register, I wasn’t getting out of there without it. (Dang you, Green & Black’s.) Mint chocolate chip ice cream is dear to my heart, so I was optimistic about this flavor combination (and wanted to give G&B a chance to redeem itself).
The details:
I journeyed at the lovely cool time of 7PM on Tuesday to make my Weshop chocolate purchases. (Maybe irrelevant but I also found lychee juice!! Okay yeah the majority of it is pear juice but whatever, it still tastes wonderfully like lychee.)
– The three most prominent Valentine’s day bars in stock while I was there were at an oddly specific percentage of 34. What?
– I checked out Usdan Cafe the next day and saw their offerings. No dice.

– 2/2 update: there was a lot more in stock yesterday, but still nothing great in the dark chocolate department.

Lake Champlain Valentine's Day Chocolate (Dark)

So at least I didn’t have to buy the fluorescent pink one that said “BOYFRIEND” on it, but…the packaging is pain. Someone had to do it, and you’re welcome.

Lake Champlain Valentine's Chocolate (Unwrapped)

Unwrapped. Perfect? No. But bonus points, for the shiny gold wrapper is adorned with pretty fantastical deer.


Lake Champlain Chocolates: (“Dark”, unknown cocoa content)
The descriptor:…fine. Yes, all it says is “Get Some!”
Location: Weshop
Taste: I could taste the sweet before I even took a bite. It doesn’t list the cocoa content, and a search on their website didn’t reveal the cocoa content, either. (Though most of their dark chocolate hovers around 70%, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they went to more of the 50% side for this.) Texture-wise it’s quite smooth.
Conclusion: The size is convenient if you’re not a huge chocolate person, are just looking for something to satisfy a very occasional craving, or want to pick up a single-serving chocolate bar for dessert. It’s just not something I’d want to eat everyday.


Seattle Chocolates Valentine's Day (Dark)


Seattle Chocolates: Cinna-man (“Dark”, unknown cocoa content)
The descriptor: Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar with Cinnamon Candy Pieces
Location: Weshop
Taste: The sure smell the cinnamon candies is released instantly upon unsealing the wrapper. As with Lake Champlain, I could taste the sweet before biting into it.  Definitely a smooth chocolate, with the break in texture to chew the hard cinnamon candy pieces, and it’s surely a sweet one too (sweeter than Champlain). This bar is surprisingly heavy for its size, and the sections are massive.
Conclusion: not trying to fool around with red-hot-like candies in my chocolate more than once. And again, too sweet.
G&B Mint Chocolate Bar (Dark)

Not you again.


G&B Mint Chocolate (Dark, II)

Redeem yourself.

Green & Black’s (60% cocoa; Mint)
The descriptor: “The invigorating freshness of pure organic mint extract is carefully balanced with our dark 60% chocolate to produce a vibrant flavor combination.”
Location: Weshop
Taste: At 60%, it’s pushing it on my dark chocolate cocoa content threshold. There’s a most unpleasant bitterness present from the base chocolate bar itself, not the extract. At least this one is nice and smooth, and has a very pure and natural (well, I guess because it is natural) peppermint scent and taste. If you eat a real little bit real slowly, it actually tastes pretty good. But still, it’s 60%, and it’s sweet, and I’m not looking for chocolate that is a hassle to eat in order to have it taste just okay.
Conclusion: I don’t know how Green & Black’s does it. How can you destroy chocolate so?
Is milk chocolate more of the Valentine’s Day thing, or is Weshop just being silly and stocking tons more (34%) milk chocolate bars? So, unfortunately, the straight-up Ghirardelli baking bar is still my go-to. Though, since I don’t entirely enjoy that, the journey has not yet found its end.

Valentine's Chocolates Framed

The quest continues.

– Rina Kremer ‘15