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What to Eat at Home: Galette des Rois- By Laura Hess ’16

Galette des rois or Kings’ Cake is made with flaky pastry around an almond filling. It is traditionally served in France on the Epiphany, but it is fun to make ...

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GHACL Tea: The Ultimate Cure-All

It seems that at this time of year, everyone is sick! Never fear, friends. Your maladies will soon be over. All you need is GHACL Tea! GHACL? You heard me. ...



POLL: Are You a Breakfast Eater?

They say it’s the most important meal of the day. But some of us can totally live without breakfast. We’re curious. Are you a breakfast eater? [polldaddy poll=6818461] -Ari and ...

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emergency macaroons

I Just Had a Macaroon Emergency

So back around Thanksgiving when I was at school and procrastinating on food sites as usual, I bookmarked several recipes in anticipation for being back home with time and a ...


Rumiano Pepper Jack

What to Eat at Home: Rumiano Cheese Company Pepper Jack Cheese

  Okay yeah I have a thing for cheese. Kerrygold was a great discovery, and I can’t promise that there might be more cheese in my fridge to post about… ...


Kerrygold Cheeses

What to Eat at Home: Kerrygold Cheese

I Love Cheese. I Love This Cheese Most.   I’ve heard a lot of good things about Kerrygold cheese, but had never been able to find it (okay, more accurately ...



What to Eat at Home: Whole Foods Chocolate Cherry Trail Mix

Throughout my  fifteen or so years of being a foodie, I’ve never really been a chocolate lover. I do enjoy a good chocolate chip cookie, and It would be ridiculous ...



POLL: What Wesleyan/Middletown Food Do You Miss The Most?

If you choose Main Street or “other”, leave us a comment to tell us which restaurant/food you miss the most! [polldaddy poll=6808113] -Ari & Alex

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What to Eat at Home: Brie en Croute

Ever have intense cravings for high-quality cheese? How about high-quality cheese slightly melted and wrapped up in a warm, golden brown puff pastry? That, my friends, is Brie en Croute—literally translated ...


cous cous

My New Years Resolution and the Delicious Results!

‘Tis the season for New Years resolutions, and my goal for 2013 is to finally learn how to cook and bake. Yes surprising as it sounds, neither me, nor Alex, ...

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