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Tah Blûh: A Franco-Continental Asian Fusion Raw Brasserie in the Heart of Brooklyn

WesStuffed is delighted to introduce Buffy Van Frankenhoefer, who will be contributing reviews of New York’s hottest new restaurants. Tah Blûh A Franco-Continental Asian Fusion Raw Brasserie in the Heart ...



What to Eat at Home: Healthy Edition

With only a few days before we’re Wesward bound, I decided it was time to re-activate my brain cells. One of the best ways of doing that apparently, is to ...

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Homemade Creme Brulee

What to Eat at Home: Crème Brûlée – by Rina Kremer ’15

Several years ago I received ramekins and a food (“culinary”) torch for my birthday, but somehow never made it to, well, making crème brûlée. It takes ingredients in amounts that ...


4th course

A Very French Christmas- By Laura Hess ’16

I had the good fortune this year to spend Christmas with family friends in Toulouse, France.  They treated us to a delicious home-made feast – with six courses!  So, to ...

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laura cookies long shot

What to Eat at Home: Sage Scented Shortbread and Shaved Chocolate Shortbread- By Laura Hess ’16

In the few days before we go back, take time to try this simple, scrumptious recipe based on one from epicurious.  Sage is a surprising ingredient for a dessert, giving ...

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FroyoWorld Yogurt

Froyo World Says: Welcome Back Wesleyan! (A Special Promotion Just For Us!)

Hey Guys – Exciting news. I know you’re already super pumped to get back to Wes, and this just makes it that much better to be heading back (or already ...

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Grilled Cheese: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

I’ve never been a huge fan of grilled cheese (gasp)…. I know, I know… I rave about the Whey Station all the time, but I never really get a grilled ...


love crunch

What to Eat at Home: Love Crunch Granola with Dark Chocolate & Red Berries

*The beautiful photography featured in this post was taken and edited by my father. Thanks, dad.  I have spent many a lazy hour exploring the various types of granola available ...

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Here's the pasta.

What to Eat at Home: Pesto

I don’t know about you, but I actually had some withdrawal from the Summerfields caprese salad. PESTO. I missed pesto. Even though it so isn’t actually a caprese salad and ...


chicken soup

What to Eat at Home: Nana Rose’s Chicken Soup

Although she died when I was only eight years old, I have very fond memories of my Nana Rose. Her condo in Miami was always filled with delicious treasures; from ...

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