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Ahi Tuna II Michael's Deli

Obsession with: Ahi Tuna at Michael’s Deli- By Rina Kremer ’15

Never been to Michael’s because you’re not a deli-meat kind of person? This isn’t just a “deli” meat kind of place! You might have already seen it in the Holiday ...

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peanut butter

Dear Peanut Butter

Dear Peanut Butter, I think I’m in love with you. Nothing makes me happier than coming back to my dorm and seeing you sitting on my shelf, so coy in ...

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POLL: Where Have You Eaten Most Since You Got Back?

We’re curious, where have you eaten most since you got back? Your answer not on here? Leave us a comment below! [polldaddy poll=6852599] -WesStuffed Team

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The Cookie Hunter- Serious Eats Cookies- January ’13

Dear readers, You are here because you, like me, are on a mission. A mission to find the best chocolate chip cookie ever created. In this month’s edition, you will ...


NoRA's Irish Car Bomb

Good to see you again, NoRA’s!- By Rina Kremer ’15

 NoRA’s is the kind of place that just can’t go wrong — as I’m sure many of you are already aware! I chatted with the owner, Carrie Carella , about what ...



Anoho Now Has Happy Hour!

Good news, folks! Your favorite noodle house has just become your favorite bar! Anoho has begun a Winter Happy Hour Special! From 8:00 until closing every Monday-Thursday until February 28th, ...

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Lindt 90% dark II

What to Eat at Home: Lindt “Excellence” 90% “Supreme” Dark — by Rina Kremer ’15

So awhile ago I scoped out the dark chocolate offerings on campus, and didn’t quite come down to a satisfying choice. It’s not a particularly bad chocolate “scene” (considering, we ...

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My Quest to Find the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe EVER

I have spent sleepless nights, tossing and turning, pacing around my bedroom, and hopelessly scavenging the internet. I have woken up, my body broken out in a cold sweat, my ...



Want to Work at Lan Chi’s Vietnamese Restaurant?

Desperate for $$$$$? Like food? Ever thought of working at a restaurant? Well, good news! Lan Chi’s, a new Vietnamese restaurant opening in the North End of Middletown is looking ...

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Redwood Hills Goat Milk Kefir

What to Eat at Home: Redwood Hill Farm Goat Milk Kefir – by Rina Kremer ’15

So I went to a grocery store the other day for the first time in a while (okay, well one that wasn’t Costco or Whole Foods). I miss the grocery ...

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