Tech weeks are often referred to as “hell week” by theater folk. Why? You’re trying to move into a theater, establish a set, costumes, light, and sound, work out any kinks in the show, and deal with a bunch of drama queen’s crises in a ridiculously short amount of time.

Some ways that people deal with this stress:

  1. caffeine
  2. alcohol
  3. drugs
  4. meditation

But really, the best way is through these peanut butter bars. The musical director at my mom’s theater company made us a huge batch during our last tech week, and I literally think they saved me. In addition to being ridiculously delicious and easy to make, they’re also not that bad for you! Peanut butter has lots of protein, and chocolate apparently has some health benefits. These guys give you the little kick you need to get through your 12 hour day.




  1. scant 1/4 cup dark brown sugar
  2. 1 1/3 cups confectioners sugar
  3. scant 1/4 cup salted butter
  4. 3/4 cups plus two tablespoons of creamy peanut butter
  5. 7 ounces of semi sweet chocolate
  6. 4 ounces of bitter sweet chocolate


  1. Mix the brown sugar, confectioners suger, butter, and peanut butter in a bowl, then let it cool.
  2. melt the chocolate
  3. form thepeanut butter into blobs (about 2 inches long).
  4. poor chocolate over each peanut butter blob
  5. let sit

- Ari