I’ll be honest; I’m not really all that into fruit. But put it on top of a huge pie crust covered with a thin layer of white chocolate and a whole lot of custard, and it’s a totally different story.


Ari and I had been planning to have dinner with a couple crew friends for a while, and we were dead set on impressing them with some elaborate dessert. After all, we’re food bloggers, so there’s a certain level of expectation that comes with these sorts of things. We obviously couldn’t just show up with a box of Neapolitan ice cream. We wanted to make sure that what we brought to the table was of high quality and showed our hosts that we were honored to be their guests. Just because we were offering them food didn’t make it any less of a gift; everyone appreciates a nice gesture. (And yes, I do have a book on etiquette by Emily Post sitting on the shelf of my dorm. I am not ashamed.)

So anyway, whenever we think of dessert one of the first places that comes to mind is Fusion Bakery. If you’re ever having a stressful day at school or work, I honestly suggest you just come down to this place, order whatever catches your eye, and sit for a while enjoying a nice dessert. It’s amazing. Especially their carrot cake… and their fruit tarts, obviously.

When Ari told me she had ordered a fruit tart, I did have my doubts. Like I said, I’m not the biggest fruit fanatic, and I didn’t really know what to expect. But if there is one thing the past year has taught me, it’s to always trust Fusion. No matter what. If Fusion is serving chocolate-covered tilapia, smothered in guacamole and drizzled in caramel, you just eat it. And of course it will be amazing, because Fusion made it and they can do no wrong.

Sliding down ice-covered Church Street in 10 degree weather was no easy feat with a giant fruit tart in our hands, but it was definitely worth it. When we showed our friends the fruit tart–about a foot in diameter and gleaming with beauty–they were so excited that they started digging in before we had even eaten dinner. The custard was creamy and perfectly complemented the sweet variety of fruit: fresh blackberries, strawberries, and kiwi. The bottom was made out of a crunchy pie crust that was topped with a thin layer of hard white chocolate. Delicious, to say the least.

As good as this sounds, you probably don’t want to eat this on your own. Five of us hungry crew girls attacked this dessert but could barely make it halfway through. So grab a ton of friends and order this bad boy from Fusion. You won’t be disappointed. Or hungry… for at least 5 hours after you eat it.



Fusion Bakery and Patisserie

100 Riverview Center, Suite 135, Middletown, CT 06457