I had a major epiphany last night.

I was at Athenian Diner, and as I walked in, I grabbed a couple mints from the front counter.I mindlessly began to eat them,  and then I realized something. Dinner mints are the most undervalued candy in the world.

dinner mint box 2

It’s true! Have you ever heard anybody say “I’m CRAVING dinner mints?” or “hey, will you pick me up some dinner mints at Price Chopper Today?” or “Yeah man…we got super high and ate like 500 dinner mints”.

It’s not like dinner mints have a super overbearing flavor. They’re not ridiculously minty. You don’t have to suck on them for a ridiculously long time. They’re a fairly normal candy. So why don’t people ever think about them?

For those of you who are a bit confused, let me describe what I mean by “dinner mints”.

Dinner mints are defined (by me) as small, white, somewhat chewy candies, with a gooey, jam-like product on the inside which comes in various colors, and a minty, harder material on the outside. They are often found at diners. In fact, I have never seen them anywhere else.

dinner mints

Thanks to my friendly waitress, I now know why. Dinner mints (literally, that’s what they’re called), aren’t sold at grocery stores or other consumer-based establishments. They’re exclusively found in stores that cater towards restaurants and businesses, such as “Restaurant Depot”. Also, the smallest container they come in is a five pound bag.

dinner mint box

I don’t get it. It’s not like dinner mints are too minty to eat more than one of. It’s not like you have to suck on them forever. They’re candy. Just like any other kind of non-chocolate candy. Other mint candies sell, llike Andes Mints, Junior Mints, mint flavored chocolate, mint flavored cookies, so why not dinner mints?

I would love to eat a big pack of dinner mints at the movies.

I would love to snack on dinner mints on a long roadtrip.

I would love to serve dinner mints at a part. Not a diner themed party, just a regular party.

Look at the fruity inside? That's some high quality right there!

Look at the fruity inside? That’s some high quality right there!

I can’t believe I’m just realizing this now. I, probably like many of you, never realized the true merit of a dinner mint. Friends, I beg of you, next time you go to the diner, don’t just carelessly pop a mint into your mouth as you make your way to or from the table. Enjoy your dinner mint, savor it. It’s free candy. FREE CANDY PEOPLE!

And someone, please. Tell me why they don’t sell dinner mints at the grocery store.

Does anyone share my love for dinner mints? Does anyone agree with me? Maybe we could make a petition on Changes.com to get dinner mints sold at the regular supermarket.