So back around Thanksgiving when I was at school and procrastinating on food sites as usual, I bookmarked several recipes in anticipation for being back home with time and a kitchen. I bookmarked some fudge, nutella cake, pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies, and, what I was most excited for, coconut macaroons. Mmmm — priority number one. However, holidays and activities and the like got in the way, so I wasn’t able to make much besides pies and some fudge. Okay. Thanksgiving break was practically three days for me with travel days, so that’s okay. Winter is only three weeks away, and I’ll be busy, it’ll go fast.
I didn’t know it at the time, or, okay, all the time, but the want (need?) for coconut macaroons was festering like crazy.
When I finally did make it home for winter, I was still super busy. I was out of the house a lot, and when I was home, I was otherwise preoccupied. When I did make it into the kitchen, it was to make other things like a birthday cake, Christmas cut-out cookies, cheesecake, Finn cakes, and other holiday cheers. So combined with all of the holiday dishes (my mom’s and brother’s birthdays are right in that holiday window as well) and knowing that we’d be gone for a few days for New Year’s soon, there wasn’t room in the house for me to make more food. But boy, did I want macaroons. It was starting to plague me.
However, something today made it NOT OKAY anymore. For a while now I haven’t been hungry for dinner. There was never anything that sounded particularly good. Yesterday I had a bacon cheeseburger and poutine, and that was super delicious, so I thought I had what I might have been looking for. But then again today, nothing sounded good anymore. But, as usual, I made myself dinner anyways, which was butter sauteed kale and mushrooms with tilapia. I wanted butter something. However, it sounded good and tasted good only momentarily, but then I just didn’t feel hungry, so I couldn’t eat it. Then, in half an hour, I was HUNGRY. And suddenly, I really, really, really needed a macaroon. Nothing else. It also doesn’t help that I had also been planning on actually making them the past few days, but I just didn’t get to it. And then I ran out of eggs. So I think that’s what finally triggered the macaroon Need.
Oh no.
This was it.
That was actually what had been it for too long now.
I became entirely preoccupied with MACAROONS, but, again, the circumstances at the time (about an hour ago) didn’t allow for me to make them. Frantic time. So I had some coconut cream, water, and coconut flakes in hopes that would make it better. Temporarily, maybe, but no dice. I HAD to make macaroons.
It was time.
I finally had a free moment again, and I just about threw all the ingredients together in a fury. Okay, yeah, I did just that. As I put them in the oven, I started to feel a little better already. And then, when that satisfying (but otherwise really, very, abrasive) conventional oven timer beep went off fifteen minutes later, I was okay. I could manage the total wait time of 12 minutes to eat one. I wasn’t shaking anymore. (Okay, yeah, I wasn’t really shaking ever, and I had been eating the “batter” for a while then at that point. But still.)

emergency macaroons

That one on the left-ish is especially suffering, yeah.

So here they are. It’s been about a month since the start of break, and I-don’t-even-want-to-think-about-how-long since sometime before Thanksgiving when I bookmarked that recipe and decided I was going to make it Priority #1. They aren’t beautiful, because I made them in a HURRY, and definitely not as directed. But, they taste beautiful. And, I’ve learned my lesson, and I think it’s a pretty widely applicable life and moral lesson: if there’s food that you want, and that you Know you Want, don’t put it off. Is there something you’ve been meaning to make, but obligations or laziness, getting in the way? Well, stop it. Make it, find it, eat it now. You have no time to lose.

Here’s the recipe, incase you’d like some macaroons yourself. And I think you do.
I don’t think coconut macaroons are actually from Austrailia or New Zealand as seems to want to tell me, but maybe the butter element, which is usually not a coconut macaroon element, is what makes it such. And I purposely went out of my way, months ago, to find a macaroon recipe with butter. Yes, I really like butter. Also, I used Kerrygold butter, which is absolutely delicious.

So now that I’m stable again, what have you been making? Anything? Success? Failure? Either way, we’d LOVE to hear about it and/or see it!!

Happy Macarooning (or otherwise food-ing),