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green and blacks and divine

My Quest to Find the Best Dark Chocolate on Campus…A Work in Progress- By Rina Kremer ’15

I. Like. Dark. Chocolate. There’s really not much more I can say.  So after almost a year and a half at Wesleyan, I decided that it was finally time, once and ...



Happy National Cookie Day!

When our forefathers created the Declaration of Independence so many years ago, they forgot to add one of our most important rights. Sure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ...

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Free Indian Food. Hewitt Fridge. Right Now.

  Skipped dinner? You’re in luck. Come to the Hewitt refrigerator to enjoy  a huge tray of rice, naan, chick peas, spicy sauces… you get the picture. To whom do you ...

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Ode to Quickbreads: Rainbow Cookie Cake at Fusion Bakery and Patisserie

In Ode to Quickbreads, we’ll tell you about all the best muffins, scones, cakes, and cookies in Middletown Visits from my grandparents meant one thing for me when I was growing ...

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POLL: What Are Your Favorite Study Snacks?

Hey kiddos! Everyone knows that finals means one thing, snacking. Sometimes, when you’re on page 4 of a 16 page research paper, the only thing TO do is dive into ...

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094E8943_Cardinal_Eating_Berries (A Real Website!)

First off, we just want to send a huge thank you to everyone who supports this blog by reading our posts, voting on the polls, and giving us feedback. Your ...

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