So over Thanksgiving break, I went to visit the new Whole Foods that opened up in my homeplace of Boise (ID — yes potatoes sure). It looked so nice (a two-floor grocery store is a mega-novelty in Idaho), and there was so much good food (sushi! baked goods! cheeses!) but unfortunately — or most fortunately — I had some kind of stomach bug and couldn’t think of eating anything remotely solid (okay realistically I think I just ate way too much turkey and sweet potato the days before…and earlier that day). So, while my mom and brother got ramen from a ramen cart Inside the Whole Foods (what), probiotics sounded good to me slash the only thing I could stomach. Also my little sister is super picky so she just wanted plain yogurt…yogurt it was!

I didn’t feel like Chobani (even though now Idaho has a giant Chobani plant, cool?) or Fage or whatever, since I’m not a fan of the 0%’s. Anyways…..I saw yogurt that was in an “unconventional” container that was brightly colored and looked tasty (yes it helped that a container of it was a pretty yellow). It said it was Australian-style (boo, in previous experiences) from Colorado (yay), and was one of those mix-yourself kinds (novelty), said their cows are happy (the most important!), and used whole milk and cream (absolute-go). The yellow container? Mango flavor.
Oh my goodness, creamy. It tastes a bit like eating cream cheese, but smoother. Which maybe that’s weird to you and therefore deterred you from trying the yogurt but personally that’s something I’d do. (The Thursday of finals week I was in Scili and at 11:40PM I really needed a snack and wanted yogurt but they were sadly un-stocked and I almost bought a thing of cream cheese to eat….I settled for a yogurt drink because it was Ronnybrook.)

Anyways, it was the Most Delicious Yogurt I Have Ever Had, so much so that it made me start eating yogurt every day when I got back to school, and I literally did not go a day without thinking about Priority #1 for when I get back to Boise: go to Whole Foods to get more of this yogurt.
And happy Merry early Christmas to me, my mom had some waiting in the fridge for me when I got home!

One of the best foods I’ve ever had. Gaaaah. If you’re in a city even smaller than Boise and didn’t just hit the population quota to build a Whole Foods, no worries, apparently Noosa can be found at SuperTarget! Most everyone has one of those, right? And if not, I just located Noosa yogurt for ya in CT, and it’s available at every Target in the near vicinity. NO MORE EXCUSES.
Check itt: !!!!!! 

(As a side note, Whole Foods also carries a goat’s milk yogurt that I found at and consumed from Weshop one time and it was remarkable. Is it still there ever?! It’s in a tan container and tastes like fresh spiced apples, whatever that means. If someone sees this back at Weshop though, holler.)

-Rina Kremer ’15