If you don’t already love the wintery wondery holidays purely for their magical, mysterious lure, you can’t deny the food. Unless,  perhaps, you’re gluten-free and/or vegan and don’t feel included in the Christmas food festivities like gingerbread and roast beast. Well, GUYS — THEY GOTCHU. Like Santa never forgets a house, Middletown restaurateurs never forget a diet. No one’s left out in the cold. Whatever you may be looking for special dietary needs or not,  Merry Christmas, cause Middletown’s comin’ to town! Wait…


First stop, NoRA Cupcake Company. Simply walking into NoRA’s adorable store and seeing the plethora of decorative joy brings on a rush of CHRISTMAS EXCITEMENT. NoRA’s full holiday menu isn’t yet available, but that means that those of you sticking around for Christmas/the holidays will be the ~only ones~ of us that get to try these flavors! See the Coming Soon menu here, and either be elated you’ll get to experience it, or get your friends to send you muploads with what they got to eat (who’ll do this for me?!) In the meantime, though, for the rest of us, imagine enjoying one of these:


Mint chocolate…Mint chocolate!!


Why yes, just like the peanut butter blossom cookie

or thinking about sitting at a table with your friends, admiring the  Christmas trees in the windows enclaves…and the best part of that is — SURPRISE! — you don’t have to wait, you can  go RIGHT NOW!! Just cause some of the holiday flavors are reserved for later doesn’t mean you still can’t experience a NoRA winter holiday cupcake flavor or two (or three or four or…) tomorrow! These, pictured and admired above, are among the pre-holiday-flavor holiday-flavors. Sounds good to me. (Jk they are good to me I ate them.) So study break?  You know, walks are good for you when sitting around all day and studying. (Slash procrastinating on FB, Tumblr, and Reddit.) Get your exercise in and working-mind refreshed (multitasking!) by visiting NoRA’s down on Main, and bring your friends, and have a good last outing together before dismissal.
Also, of note, there are these Scottish Shortbread cookies you can take home with you! I’d advise you to, as well, because it’s the best shortbread I’ve ever had. Actually.

With a Christmas bow and a story!! Cuuuute!!!

HOURS: Mon: Closed
Tues-Thurs: 10AM – 7PM
Fri & Sat: 10AM – 10PM (late night snack!)
Sunday: 10AM – 3PM
*UPDATE: NoRA’s cupcake truck will be on campus TODAY (MONDAY) and TUESDAY from 11AM – 2PM  for your extreme convenience and enjoyment.!! Location TBA, but check their FB and Twitter and you’ll be able to find them no problem!! Go there STAT! STAT means now! *


Butternut. Squash. Soup. Goodness. You know how squash soups usually resemble overly chunky pureed squash with a lil’ bit of cream spilled in it with nutmeg? Sure, that’s good, because you certainly get the flavor you’re looking for: squash. But if you’re looking for squash soup, go here. It’s still got that sure butternut squash taste, but it isn’t just a blatant puree. It has a lot more complexity and flavor that complements the vegatable, such as detail like garlic, honey, and soy sauce.

Try out a warmmm sandwich with your soup! This is Chicken Pesto.

Up for ordering and also available now(!) is some fresh baked pie:

Apple and Pumpkin available too!

in addition to cookies and cookie dough, cheesecake, and coffee cake!
Best of all, they’ll deliver to you while you study your soul away. This’ll help it grow back, I promise.
HOURS: Mon-Fri: 7AM-7PM
Saturday: 10AM-3PM


FroyoWorld. First and foremost important: They’ve Still Got Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie. And, happy early birthday, they’re keeping it throughout December! Additionally, they’ve still got that remarkably-actually-like-thin-mint-cookie flavor, as well as the new thematically-relevant additions of Gingerbread and Cinnamon Buns. Mmmm. Not to mention:

Staaack & Candy Corn foreverr

apple pie filling, and:

I dunno about you, but I’ve never seen pomegranate seeds at a frozen yogurt place before…and MAN IS THAT TOO BAD BECAUSE IT’S DELICIOUS

FroyoWorld is also holding a Toys for Tots fundraiser (to Dec. 10th), which will get you 10% off for bringing in a toy! Win-win(-win). Furthermore, if you’ll be around for New Year’s and attending Midnight on Main (or even if not), Froyo World’s got you totally covered. Stop by that night, and they’ll keep shop open for you till you’ve fully enjoyed your first meal (yeah it is) of 2013!
HOURS: Mon-Thur: 12PM-10PM
Fri: 12PM- 11PM
Sat: 11AM-12PM


It’s Only Natural: Did you know that SANTA CAME to Main Street?! I saw him. He was there along with his sleigh (horse rides) in the midst of Christmas lights galoooore strung all down Main. If you like Christmas, you are sure to want to come down here one Saturday (until the 15th of December) to say hi to Santa and/or if that kind of thing still spooks you out a bit participate in at least one of the many activities of the 27th annual Holiday on Main Street! It’s also a super opportune excuse (#8329) to head down off campus for some treats!
While the streets were busy with families of little children and cheery holiday music flooded Main,I decided to head back down to see what else Middletown had to offer. SO much Christmas spirit.
I stopped by It’s Only Natural first to see what they had for you, and in the spirit of the surprise of Christmas, they’ve yet to release their holiday menu. Suspense just like Christmas morning! However, unlike Christmas morning,  you’re bound to see some holiday offerings up on their specials board until then! You can anticipate everything from desserts to special chef-created dishes, and stop by during Midnight on Main for some food and wine specials to celebrate!
HOURS: Sun-Sat: 11AM-9PM


Next stop, Fusion Bakery and Patisserie! Essentially, it’s like an advent calendar, because you don’t know what treat you’ll find behind that front door every day. Except, this is an extra-special super-special advent calendar, because look:

fa la la la la~

that little gingerbread guy up front is doing a cartwheel!! Just for you!!

Mousse Mice…hahagetit?

Everyday you can expect multiple options like  those displayed above, as well as: gluten-free tiramisu, flourless chocolate cake, and mini cherry cheesecakes, amongst tons on tons of other things. Also, keep your eyes peeled for some happy holiday drinks, like gingerbread and peppermint lattes..I guess you better just  stop in every day to see it all!
(Again, if you’ll be hanging around here, might I suggest ordering a Buche de Noel? That’s their special holiday order special. And boy is it special.)
HOURS: Mon-Tues: 8AM-5:30PM
Wed-Sat: 8AM- 6PM
Sun: Closed


Who’s there
Who would ever want ice cream when it’s cold outside?
….Yeah but anyways and but seriously, when Cold Stone’s Chocolate Peppermint Perfection is Oreos with whipped topping with fudge with Dark Chocolate Peppermint ice cream…yo. You know how creamy-delicious their ice cream is always already. And let me just emphasize because you must note, if you haven’t already, that those are three of the best toppings to ever add to ice cream ever. OREOS. WHIP TOPPING. FUDGE. AHH.
Additionally, they’ll make you a cake or be more than happy to have you just come in and pick one up! The Christmas creation is the Holly Jolly Peppermint cake, which is made with red velvet.


how about…cupcakes?! They have these festive guys in their freezer, too

If you’re more into creating your create-your-own, slash don’t want to commit to a whole cake,  I’d still encourage you to try the Dark Chocolate Peppermint component (okay yeah the ice cream flavor), which is the centerpiece of all of these treats and this holiday season. Mix-in of choice? York Peppermint Patties. Yeah, they have those now.


All in all,  YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS HOLIDAY TREATS IN MIDDLETOWN.  It’s like missing Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Years and  losing your wallet at an airport and forgetting your passport  so you have no identification all on the same day  (on that note, happy travels home!!).  If you’re heading out soon for the longest winter break in the world(-record Wesleyan), I’d definitely stop by at least one of these locations to get a snack for yourself for the  trip and/or, if you’re going to see the fam, bring some goodies home so they’ll be remotely happy even happier to see you return. If you’re going to be sticking around for the long haul or around campus for even a little bit  of the break, take extreme advantage of the fact you can’t get much food on campus, if you can at all. (Leave campus!!! It’s not that far!!!) Also, you’ve got a week left here. EVERYONE LOVES HOLIDAY FLAVORS. If you don’t usually make it down to Middletown for food, this is prime excuse time: tis the season, “Y.O.L.O.”, because I say so, because you can; whatever floats your boat to get you down there, go. I promise you won’t regret it. Happy Holidays, and thanks so, so much for reading WesStuffed. We love you!!!


NoRA Cupcake Company

700 Main Street  Middletown, CT 06457



Michael’s Deli 

83 Broad Street  Middletown, CT 06457

860- 788-2650



386 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457



It’s Only Natural Restaurant

386 Main Street, Middletown, CT 06457



Fusion Bakery and Patisserie

100 Riverview Center, Suite 135, Middletown, CT 06457



Cold Stone Creamery

100 Riverview Center, Middletown, CT 06457



 -Rina Kremer ’15