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What to Eat at Home: Noosa Yoghurt

So over Thanksgiving break, I went to visit the new Whole Foods that opened up in my homeplace of Boise (ID — yes potatoes sure). It looked so nice (a ...



POLL: Summerfields Closed Yesterday. What now?

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‘Tis The Season: Pumpkin Spice Coffee *For 21 And Up*- By Rina Kremer ’15

In “Tis The Season”, we tell you about some of our favorite holiday recipes.  Mmmm. Tis the season of warm and toasty beverages in holiday spirit. There’s no better way ...

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hot chocolate

Happy National Hot Cocoa Day

Are we the only ones who weren’t aware that almost everyday of the year is a celebration of some kind of food/drink? Is this a new thing? ANYHOO, HAPPY NATIONAL ...

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Help Bon Appetit Choose Desserts for Next Semester

If you read our recent article about what goes on behind the scenes at Bon Appetit, you know that Wesleyan has one of the best dining services around. Nothing proves ...

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dream sandwich 1

The Sandwich of My Dreams- By Laura Hess ’16

The other night, the most wonderful sandwich came to me in a dream. Literally. I had just finalized my lunch plans before going to bed so I was thinking about ...

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Tis the Season: Middletown = Serious Holiday Eats- By Rina Kremer ’15

If you don’t already love the wintery wondery holidays purely for their magical, mysterious lure, you can’t deny the food. Unless,  perhaps, you’re gluten-free and/or vegan and don’t feel included ...



Behind-the-Scenes of Wesleyan Dining

It’s fair to say that probably every Wesleyan student in recent history has eaten a meal at the Usdan Marketplace, gotten a coffee from Pi or Usdan Café, ordered a ...


Photography by Sue herself.

Holiday Pleasures- Christmas Cookies and Yorkshire Pudding with the Kelly’s

For most food lovers (and people in general), the holiday season brings back memories of the things you ate growing up. Whether they were your grandmother’s latkes, your father’s cheesecake, ...



POLL: How Often Do You Use a Car to Go Off Campus for Food?

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