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Cold Stone Creamery: Much More Than a Chain Restaurant

Compile a list of popular high-quality ice cream chains, and there’s a good chance that Cold Stone Creamery is in your top five. From signature creations to birthday cakes to ...


Big-E Quesadilla.

Eli Cannon’s Tap Room

As soon as you enter the front room, you go into sensory overdrive. You hear the rowdy crowd, laughing and chatting noisily over the blasting music. Plastered on every wall, ...

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Rainy Day Delights: Pumpkin Pie Spiced Chai from New England Emporium

As a non-coffee drinker (can you believe it?), chai lattes have always been my go-to beverages at coffee shops and cafes. When iced, they’re incredibly refreshing. When served hot, they’re ...

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Why You Should Go to Food Trucks on Thursday Nights

It seems like the majority of Wes students correlate the food truck scene with going out. After a long night of partying, there’s nothing better than a falafel, grilled cheese, ...

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michael's cookie

Amazing Cookies Await You in Hewitt Lounge!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a joke. A few days ago we interviewed newcomer to Middletown Michael’s Deli (an article will be out soon), which is located on Broad Street between ...

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This but except with a handcrafted brownie (or other product)  from a top notch bakery

Get Your Fusion Baked Goods “A La Mode”-ed at Cold Stone

Imagine this: A huge, fudgy brownie, with a crackly exterior dissolving into moist, chocolatey goodness. The ingredients? All top-notch. When was it made? Two hours ago. Where was it made? ...

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This Week’s NoRA Cupcake Winners!!

THE RESULTS ARE IN! This week’s NoRA cupcake winners are: Twix Cake – Shortbread cookie bottom under vanilla cake filled with caramel topped with chocolate and caramel buttercream. Tiramisu – Almond cake ...

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Because We All Love Voting: This Week’s NoRA Cupcake Poll!

I mean I guess yesterday you voted for something sort of important, but the NoRA cupcake poll? This is a BIG DEAL! Also check out the hilarious picture This week’s ...

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An Ode to Quick Breads: Triple Berry Muffin from Fusion Bakery and Patisserie

After pulling an all-nighter the other night, my body was in a state of incredible confusion. As I sat at my computer, mindlessly reviewing my study guide for the 700th ...

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Poll: What Kind of Restaurant/Food is Middletown Most Seriously Lacking?

Your choice not on here? Leave us a comment and let us know what kind of restaurant/food you would love to see in Middletown! [polldaddy poll=6670158]