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Wesleyan University Voted #1 Most Vegan-Friendly College!

Well folks, the votes are in for Peta2′s Most Vegan-Friendly College and University Contest for 2012… And guess what? We won. Crushing the competition once again, we beat out Oberlin ...

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POLL: What’s the Best Meal at Usdan?

What’s your fave meal at Usdan? -Ari & Alex [polldaddy poll=6695827]

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other thanksgiving

A Very Wes Thanksgiving!

Bon Appetit teaches us many important lessons. The value of eating local, organic food, supporting sustainable agriculture, and, most importantly, gorging yourself at least once a week. No, one Thanksgiving ...

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bon appetit

Bon Appetit’s Vendor Day- The New Face of College Dining

When talking to adults about their experiences with college dining, the responses are fairly similar: people scrunch up their faces with disgust and mutter about poorly-cooked meat or strange-looking stews. Nowadays, ...

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full amande

What is Amande Cultured Almond Milk? – By Laura Hess ’16

Many of you may have noticed the lactose-free alternative to yogurt in the Usdan Café fridge, right above the sandwiches.  I had seen them, but never had the courage to ...



This Week’s NoRA Cupcake Champions!

The results are in! This week’s NoRA cupcake champions are: Black Cat – Chocolate espresso cake filled with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream and chocolate ganache. Banana Cream Pie – Shortbread ...

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main street

POLL: How Often Do You Eat Out In Middletown?

We’re curious. How often do you eat out? What are your go-to restaurants? [polldaddy poll=6691418] -Ari & Alex

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This Week’s NoRA Cupcake Poll!

Alright guys, This is our LAST weekend at Wes before Thanksgiving break. We suggest that you go all out. You know what we mean…. NoRA cupcakes every night, obviously! Here ...

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matzo ball soup (made from scratch!)


I am obsessed with matzo ball soup. Growing up in New York, it was served at pretty much every deli, diner, and even some upscale restaurants. When I first arrived ...

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An Ode to Quick Breads: Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Scone from Fusion Bakery and Patisserie

I adore the combination of red berries and white chocolate chips. The sweet, tart tang of the raspberries in comparison to the super sweet white chocolate, the soft texture of ...

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