Oh, Thanksgiving. You will forever be one of my favorite holidays. Unthinkable amounts of food, days off from class, quality time with loved ones… what more could anyone possibly want in a holiday? Presents? A freshly roasted turkey, twenty different kinds of side dishes, and every variety of pie you can think of is a pretty good gift if you ask me. But then again, I do have a slight obsession with food, and I probably get a little too excited about the idea of shamelessly scarfing down three helpings of dessert.

Alright, that’s enough about me. This post is about you guys. You sent us pictures of your Thanksgiving dinners (all of which looked fabulous by the way) and now we’re going to post them for all of the WesStuffed community to see.

Warning: Don’t view these pictures on an empty stomach.


Talk about fancy. Here we’ve got sophomore Emily Garvin’s table of turkey paradise. (I’m really digging the candles.)

Stuffing à la Garvin.

“Erotic Gravy.” Courtesy of Christina Ermilio ’13.

More of Ermilio’s masterpiece.

Check this one out! From WesStuffed’s very own writer, Laura Hess ’16.

Now that’s a buffet. Colin Russell ‘15


Beautiful apple pies from our friends at Fusion Bakery!

irreststible blueberry and apple pies from Sivan Battat ’15

Pie City. Colin Russell ‘15

Pumpkin pie topped with pumpkin seeds. So aesthetically pleasing. Colin Russell ‘15


Chocolate cake and pumpkin pie from Laura Hess ’15.

Loving the pie + ice cream combo, Danielle Pruitt ’15!

Pumpkin shortbread chocolate bars by Eva Frieden ’15.

Fruit tart from Fusion Bakery.

French Thanksgiving? At Ari’s house the winning dessert was mini cupcakes topped with macarons.

The most adorable cupcake you’ll ever devour. A Fusion Bakery special.

Pumpkin mini-muffins from yours truly.

My new obsession: Monkey Bread.

Well, hope you haven’t gnawed your arm off by now. Better go take care of that growling stomach!

Merry Thanksgiving,