Low Cal Lovin is all about our favorite healthy indulgences at and around Wes.

If you’re ever having trouble finding me on a weekend afternoon, your best bet is to head down to New England Emporium. I’ll be sitting on a couch in the back with a textbook in one hand and a mug of chocolate mint rooibos tea in the other.

Thanks to Usdan, I have a fairly significant case of “dining hall” syndrome, a disease in which an individual, typically of college-age, feels a need to continually return for more food until he or she leaves the eating establishment. I supposed that this is acceptable when you’re in an all-you-can-eat dining hall, however, in a restaurant, where dishes run for around six dollars a pop, this can be very dangerous for your wallet. Not to mention your stomach.

Anyway, tea is a wonderful solution.  The Emporium will give you as many hot water refills as you want, and the herbs, which come in a handy dandy little strainer thing last an exceptionally long time. Whenever you feel an urge to put something in your mouth, instead of going back up to the counter for crepe number three, just take another sip of tea.

Now, as far as flavor is concerned, the Emporium has a wonderful selection. Probably the best in Middletown; however, I am partial to the chocolate mint rooibos for several reasons.

  1. I have a major sweet tooth, and the idea of chocolate, even in tea form, is very appealing to me, and this tea actually tastes like it.
  2. Mint tea is great for when you’re stuffy or otherwise ill. It’s refreshing, but also warm and comforting. Regardless of season, physical condition, or state of mind, this tea will do the job!
  3. The combination? Amazing. Imagine a thin mint cookie in liquid form. It’s so flavorful that I don’t even add sweetener or milk/cream. So it’s zero calories!So, for a $2.39, zero calorie thin mint cookie that’ll last you the whole day, get the chocolate mint rooibos tea. You won’t regret it.