As a non-coffee drinker (can you believe it?), chai lattes have always been my go-to beverages at coffee shops and cafes. When iced, they’re incredibly refreshing. When served hot, they’re relaxing and comforting. One would never describe a chai latte as creamy, and yet the milk is one of the most important elements in giving it that satisfying taste and texture.

Another thing about chai? Its amazingly versatile. Pi has figured this out, as proven by the numerous chai based drinks on their menu, but nowhere in Middletown is it more evident than at New England Emporium, where one can get their chai latte flavored with vanilla, spice, raspberry, green tea, or as I learned today, pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin pie spiced chai latte is perfect for a rainy autumn day. The pumpkin flavor is very authentic, because it is created using real pumpkin milk.  It manages to be a very prominent element of the drink, but its definitely not overwhelming. The cinnamon of the chai meshes perfectly with the deep, earthy undertones of the pumpkin. In fact, I think it’s fair to say that pumpkin works better with chai than it does with regular lattes!

Take a pumpkin pie spiced chai with a scone or muffin (I went for a cranberry scone from Fusion Bakery), and you’ve got yourself a wonderful rainy day breakfast or snack.