I mean I guess yesterday you voted for something sort of important, but the NoRA cupcake poll? This is a BIG DEAL!

Also check out the hilarious picture

This week’s flavors are:

Twix Cake – Shortbread cookie bottom under vanilla cake filled with caramel topped with chocolate and caramel buttercream.

Tiramisu – Almond cake filled with chocolate buttercream topped with coffee mascarpone frosting.

Raspberry Lemonade – Lemon cake loaded with fresh raspberries and topped with black raspberry buttercream.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Explosion – Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter filling topped with chocolate buttercream and peanut butter cups.

Pistachio – Pistachio cake topped with pistachio pudding whipped frosting and crushed pistachios.

Irish Car Bombs – Chocolate Guinness Cake filled with Jameson chocolate ganache and topped with Bailey’s cream frosting.

You know the drill. The top three choices will be featured on the Lil’ NoRA Cupcake Truck on William Street this Thursday through Saturday night from 11 pm to 2 am. The poll will close tonight (Wednesday November 6th) at 10:00. Get your vote in! See poll below:

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