I’ve been a Brew Bakers fan since my friend turned me onto the café last spring. I love spending long Saturdays reading my film textbook with a cup of wild raspberry tea or a chai latte. Up until recently, my go-to breakfast or lunch was a cheddar bagel, toasted till golden brown and served with cream cheese and capers. It wasn’t until the birth of WesStuffed, when Al and I were talking about our favorite foods in town, that the idea of a “grilled muffin” even crossed my mind, but on the fateful day when I first tried this gastronomical, masterpiece, I vowed never to look back. This is a quick bread seriously deserving of an ode.

Start off with one of Brew Baker’s homemade muffins. There are a variety of flavors. I enjoy the cranberry, and have heard tell that the pistachio is pretty delicious. My personal favorite, however, is the coffee cake muffin. When you order it, they’ll ask you if you want butter. To give myself a little more freedom, I always ask for it on the side. That way I can put just as much as I want, wherever I want. The item comes out in one of the signature Brew Baker baskets. It has been cut in half, with the cinnamon sugar on the top slightly caramelized, and the inside looking crisp, even slightly burnt. That, however, is part of the magic.

Before smothering your muffin with butter, take a bite. The grilling process enhances the already exquisite texture, so the top crunches into a melty, gooey interior. When warm, the cinnamon sugar swirls glisten, their taste seeming almost heightened by the heat. The middle part that has been cut in half, once grilled, obtains the same, crisp, crunchy texture as the top of the muffin, and because the muffin is cut in half, it’s like you get to experience this exhilarating texture four times (twice per half).

Adding butter gives the item a bit of a salty finish, which contrasts delightfully with the sweetness of the muffin. The smoothness of the product is perfect against the crunchy top, so I would recommend spreading it on every exterior area, including the top, for a salty-sweet, crunchy, gooey, incredibly delicious treat.

Yes, this is a wonderful quick bread, indeed.