Tonight, in order to celebrate the end of our fall crew season, my teammates Gillian Mahoney and Emily Garvin and I ventured down to the Lil’ NoRA Cupcake Truck for some much needed 11:00 PM cupcakes. Our choices? Peanut butter and jelly and cookie dough. The verdict? No surprise. They were amazing.

From left to right- PB&J, Cookie Dough

Peanut Butter and Jelly:

The PB&J cupcake starts out right- with a big, peanut butter filled pretzel sitting atop a glob of the delicious frosting. Which, as described by Emily “tastes like peanut butter without being too thick or two sweet.” I would have to agree. It’s light, flavorful, and completely lacks that plasticky texture that is an unfortunate aspect of far too many cupcakes in this world.

The vanilla cake is “nicely dense”, describes Emily. “You don’t bite into it and squish the entire cupcake.” And an added bonus? The delightful jelly filling inside the cupcake. “It tastes like good quality”, attests Emily. True that. Everything NoRA does is high quality.

Cookie Dough: 

It’s hard to go wrong with cookie dough, and a cookie dough cupcake? Almost impossible. They start out with the same delicious vanilla cake that is used in the PB&J. “It’s moist and delicate, without being too sweet”, raves Gillian. Inside is a perfect surprise- a lovely glob of cookie dough sandwiched in between the cake.

Like the PB&J, the frosting doesn’t disappoint either. The cookie crumbs on top, which are definitely a step above the store-bought variety, are a wonderful contrast to the creamy, smooth frosting.

So, as per usual, NoRA did us right tonight. Make sure you stop by the truck on William Street between 11:00 and 2:00 tonight, tomorrow, or Saturday. It’s definitely worth it!