We’ve all been waiting for it. We’ve been eagerly checking off the days on our calendars, setting up alarms on our phones, and dieting for weeks in preparation. We’ve been hopelessly dreaming of the goodies that are about to come our way in a little more than twelve short hours. And now, all we can do is watch the clock. The time is fast approaching, Wes. We better be on our A game for this one…


You might recall a very enthusiastic review of Fusion that we wrote two weeks ago. (If not, here) If that didn’t get you down to Main Street to check out this incredible shop, then their grand opening sure will. Tomorrow at 10 AM, Fusion Bakery will be offering free samples of several of their baked goods, handing out free Greek coffees, and selling some extra special treats for the occasion (Candy Corn Parfait anyone?).

This is going to be an event you don’t want to miss. Skip that annoying 10 AM class and start your weekend off right with a carrot cake cupcake!

See you guys tomorrow at 10!