The folks here at WesStuffed like to think that we’re giving the young, university community a great chance to practice voting through these polls. Be it froyo, cupcakes, or hey, even the president of our Country, we’re fairly certain your intensive NoRA cupcake poll training will make you a much more informed American citizen.

Trust us. That’s how it works.

ANYHOO… Same deal, kids! The top three cupcakes will be featured at the Lil’ NoRA Cupcake Truck on Williams Street this Thursday through Saturday night from 11:00 to 2:00 AM!

Here’s this week’s rundown!

Red Velvet – Traditional red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, coconut and pecans.

Dreamsicle – Vanilla orange cake with cream filling and vanilla orange whipped frosting.

Butterfinger – Vanilla cake baked with Butterfingers topped with vanilla buttercream and more Butterfinger candy.

Dirt Cake – Chocolate cake filled with chocolate pudding topped with chocolate buttercream rolled in crushed Oreos and a gummy worm.

Cookie Dough – Vanilla cake with cookie dough baked in topped with vanilla buttercream and chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate M&M – Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream and rolled in mini M&Ms.

Voting will end at 10:00 PM tonight (Wednesday, October 31st). Get your vote in.

Oh! And Happy Halloween!!!

-Ari & Alex (See Poll Below)[polldaddy poll=6651974]