Some people live to go into survival mode. Whether it’s a snowpocalypse or a hurrication, the minute they hear about a natural disaster they book it to the grocery store and buy every little thing they need to survive.

Well, we’re not those people. We’ll freely admit that we know very little about the fundamentals of surviving a natural disaster. And yes, we probably should have bought more than just a flashlight from Rite Aid in preparation for a power outage. However, we were definitely prepared in terms of food. Being the most major foodies, we knew that our hurrication would be nothing less than gourmet, despite not being able to make it down to Main Street. So here’s a little about what we ate over the past couple of days.


Nothing says gourmet like something called “Goober.” For those of you who have yet to experience the ecstasy of eating Goober, you are truly missing out. It’s a mix of peanut butter and jelly stripes IN ONE JAR. Ari prefers to take a spoon to it, making sure to get well-proportioned amounts of peanut butter and jelly in each bite, while Alex is a big fan of the Goober + Ritz Cracker combo. However you do it, it’s really satisfying and makes the perfect mid-hurricane snack.

Just check it out:


We were pretty lucky not to lose power this hurrication, and if we had, our meals would’ve consisted of mini cinnamon raisin bagels with generous helpings of Goober and sliced apples. However, because the microwaves were working and our refrigerators were keeping the perishables…well….not perished, we were able to indulge in some pretty gourmet meals. Case in point: gourmet mac and cheese.


  1. Buy a container of easy mac (our favorite kind is “Back to Nature”, but any company will do.)
  2. Cook it according to instructions
  3. Take a piece of string cheese, and shred it into thin, short strands.
  4. Mix it into macaroni.
  5. If other cheeses, bread crumbs, or spices are available, add those as well.

This “gourmet mac & cheese” was one of Ari’s proudest culinary moments. It’s cheesiness was pretty intense, making it the ultimate comfort food. Whether there’s a natural disaster or not, we’re sure to revisit this recipe.


In the event of a hurricane, dessert is a top priority. So, at approximately 11:00 AM on the first (and only real) day of hurrication, we had a chat with our friend Steve, the owner of Fusion Bakery. The conversation went something like this…

Steve: The weather’s getting bad. I’m going to leave at 11:30.

Us: True that. Well, if you have any leftovers that you’re going to throw out, let us know!

Steve: As a matter of fact, I do!

Us: We don’t think we can walk to Main Street without being crushed by trees…

Steve: NBD. I’ll just drive them to your dorm.

Yes, this is an accurate depiction of what went down. Thirty-five minutes later, Steve pulls up, bag in one hand, box in the other. He handed the box to us and made sure we supported it on the bottom. Turns out that someone forgot to pick up their birthday cake: a chocolate cake known as Peanut Butter Madness, layered with a peanut butter buttercream, completely covered in a chocolate ganache, and sprinkled with peanut butter chips… Yep, this is our lives.

The bag of baked goods also did not disappoint. Here’s the rundown:

  • Orange tarts – Slightly chewy, yet incredibly soft and delicate dough, filled with a creamy and tangy orange filling.

  • Political cookies – The cutest cookies you’ll ever see in your life, shaped like donkeys and elephants. You might think that they’re just pretty and not delicious, but just one bite will show you that they’re actually really amazing. Expect a kind of shortbread/sugar cookie taste.

  • Chocolate chip cookie – Spot on with the ratio of chocolate chips to cookie, and complemented by an unexpected chewy texture. It’s a pretty good size too, with a 4.5 inch diameter and 0.5 inch thickness (yes, we measured it).

  • A slice of vanilla cake with raspberry filling – Can’t even put this one into words. You just have to try it. The cake is exceptionally well made and the fresh frosting and raspberry filling add the perfect level of sweetness.

  • Pot de crème (a fancy French chocolate custard) – Smooth, rich, and amazing. It’s light and airy enough that you don’t even feel gross after you eat it.

  • A huge chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting – … Enough said.

We managed to scarf down an impressive amount of these items in one sitting. Not to mention all the other awesome treats Steve has graciously offered to us, including (but not limited to) Halloween cupcakes, candied apples, and cookies. Do we have regrets about consuming so many desserts? No. They were perfect.

Thanks Steve!

Long story short, Sandy didn’t prevent us from keeping it gourmet. Here’s a lesson to take home, kids: when there’s fear of a natural disaster, three words: peanut butter, pasta, and pastries.

-Ari & Alex