I have henceforth decided to make “An Ode to Quick Breads” a regular column on WesStuffed, where I will document the most delicious quick bread finds at and around Wesleyan.

For those of you who aren’t up to date, I have a serious addiction to quick breads, the word that encompasses pretty much all baked goods (other than bread itself) with dough like consistencies, cookies, scones, muffins, cakes, etc. I spend a great deal of time scoping middletown for muffins (raspberry and cranberry flavors put me in a state of unbelievable joy), searching for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie, and just trying, and utterly enjoying quick bread products. My latest find, which was a huge and amazing revelation, is the blueberry scone at Pi Cafe.

Here’s a sad fact. It’s almost impossible to find scones on this campus. Sometimes they have them at Usdan breakfast, but they’re never offered at the Usdan Cafe (while muffins are always available). Nor are they available at WeShop. That being said, Pi makes up for it. I tried their scones today, and now there’s no looking back.

First of all, let’s talk about what (jn my opinion) makes a good scone. Scones are a real hit or miss. Unless they’re made with the right proportions of ingredients, and cooked for the right amount of time, you may just end up with an unattractive glob of dry, crumbly dough, with the occasional blueberry thrown in. BUT… if you can make a good scone, it’s magical. Doughy, not overly sweet, with fresh bursts of flavor in the form of berries, chocolate chips, or even savory items, like cheese. A scone can be, if made correctly, a true work of art.

The blueberry scone at Pi starts off with an excellent base. The dough itself is delicious. It’s almost as if they took it out of the oven a tiny bit too early, leaving it incredibly doughy, soft, and moist. The berry to dough ratio is also superb. Don’t be deceived by the picture! One bite into the scone will reveal the very generous amount of berries interspersed throughout the dough. I’d say at least one per bite.

The size is excellent. It’s not overwhelmingly large, so that you take one look and promise yourself that you won’t finish it, and are horrified at yourself when you do, nor is it so small that you need to eat several to feel fulfilled. It’s a little over medium-sized. With some tea, it could make a wonderful, although somewhat indulgent breakfast. Another trick of the trade? Microwave it for twenty-seconds. When warm, the dough is even more soft and delicious. If you’re feeling particularly caloric, take it with a Salty Ivan (lightly salted hot chocolate). When the weather starts getting chilly, I’m pretty sure this will become a go-to for me.

As a person who considers herself a true scone connoisseur, I dub Pi’s creation, not only an excellent example of college food, or even exclusively within the realm of Middletown, but, by and large, one of the most satisfying scones I’ve ever had.

-Ari Rudess

Does anyone know if Pi’s scones are baked on campus or shipped in? Comment and let me know!