I have a pretty serious obsession with quick breads. Seriously, any word of muffins, scones, banana bread, or pretty much any dough containing fruit, chocolate, and/or nuts, and I’ll come running. Don’t believe me? Check out my current computer desktop.

Or these videos my friend posted on my facebook

muffin parade, muffinale, feral muffin

There are many places to fulfill a quick bread craving on and around campus. The muffins from Bon Appetit are pretty tasty (try the apple-walnut muffin), as are the cranberry white chocolate chip cookies (which I deem a quick bread), and the raspberry white chocolate chip cake that was featured at the marketplace the other day. And, if you want to trek down to Main Street, there are several spots with delicious options; BUT, today, I tried a quick bread that truly took the cake (no pun intended lolz)


O’Rourke’s is an absolutely phenomenal place, and you don’t have to take my word for it.  Check out the bucket loads of media coverage that rave about the exceptional quality, variety, and service this little diner offers. (Like this clip from Food Network program “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives”) One of the main perks, for me at least, is the little plate of freshly baked bread samples that is served to you when you first sit down. The selection is always different. It depends on what owner/chef Brian decides to concoct that day. I’ve tried a wide variety of creations, from sweet potato bread to walnut bread, to poppy seed bread. All of them have been beyond amazing; but today’s pound cake was a real winner. The somewhat crisp exterior dissolves into a soft, melt in your mouth dough, with just enough cinnamon flavor to be warm and autumn-y, without being overwhelming. The chocolate and raspberry blend to create a taste that does not shout the presence of either ingredient. In fact, on first bite I didn’t even realize what was in the cake; however, that seems to be its charm. It’s fruity, chocolaty, and is light while still feeling like a dessert, with a SUPERB texture to boot. After asking for several sample plates, I finally inquired whether it might be possible to take some to go. The response?

So… You won’t be seeing me at Usdan anytime soon. I’ll be living off of cinnamon raspberry chocolate chip pound cake from O’Rourke’s. One of the most delicious quick breads, and for that matter, edible items, I’ve ever encountered

-Ari Rudess