Welcome back, Wes!

While all of you were mentally and physically detoxing on your living room couches, we’ve been living it up in Middletown, WesStuffed style. In between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM rowing practices, we’ve hit up an impressive amount of Main Street eateries, and gotten all the latest on what’s up and coming in this neck of the woods.

We enjoyed some classy dining at Esca Wine Bar and Restaurant. For $20.12, we ate a three-course, prix fixe dinner. This special is part of Middletown Restaurant Week, which will end on Thursday the 18th. We definitely recommend you take advantage of restaurant week. Major $aving$! Read our review on dinner at Esca here!

North Atlantic salmon!

Froyoworld’s “Tasty War” on breast cancer was a huge success! Even though we claimed to be full after our dinner at Esca, we still managed to eat a fairly significant amount of frozen yogurt topped with pink wafers, pink coconut, pink whoppers, pink oreos, pink mochi, pink marshmallows….You get the idea. Even though we could barely walk out of Main Street Market, we rested assured that our good deed contributed to breast cancer research!

Pink toppings!

All In the name of giving

On a rainy Monday night, nothing could’ve hit the spot more than the huge bowls of noodle soup we got at Anoho, except maybe the incredibly comforting almond milk tea that accompanied them. We’ve decided that this beverage is even more satisfying than Salty Ivans or Chaidermels. Sorry Pi, we’ve moved on.

Alex was super excited about almond milk tea

Keep your eyes out for our upcoming article on Fusion Bakery! Their beautiful new location boasts some of the most delicious baked goods we’ve ever tasted. The only thing sweeter than the pastries is the staff who makes them.

A small glimpse of the delicious options available at Fusion

We chatted with Chu Ngo, owner of the upcoming Vietnamese restaurant Lan Chi’s, which will be opening in January. This new restaurant is sure to be a wonderful addition to Main Street’s already diverse restaurant scene. Stay tuned for more information about the eatery.

Lan Chi’s

We’re excited to chat tonight with the folks at It’s Only Natural Restaurant. After eating our fair share of sweets over the past four days, vegetarian cuisine may be just what we need to satisfy our never ending appetites without further suffering from our already ridiculous sugar highs.

It’s Only Natural

As you can see, we don’t call it “WesStuffed” for nothin’! So what if we ate out three times a day for almost a week? We burned it all off in crew practice, didn’t we?? We’re looking for new friends with whom we can embark on more delicious adventures. If you’re interested, email us at WesStuffed@gmail.com.

ALSO…. check back tomorrow for a list of the best restaurants to take the folks to for homecoming weekend!

Yours truly,

Ari & Alex