Fresh out of class at 4 PM, your stomach is making obscene noises and you don’t think you can hold out until dinner. You’re scouring Usdan Café for a suitable snack. Nothing appeals. Nothing… except the cookies. You timidly approach the Bon Appetit cashier with cookie in hand. Keep that head down. Keep those eyes averted. Don’t let anyone see your face… Cookie? What cookie?

Admit it. You’ve surrendered to the irresistible allure of the ridiculously large cookies sold at Usdan Café and Pi. It’s okay; we’ve all been there. The yogurt parfaits are looking a little gross, the granola bars are expensive and unsatisfying, and the chai tea latte just isn’t going to cut it. At this point, there’s really no avoiding the cookies. (Yes, they must always be italicized.) And what’s the problem with that? Why do we always feel so ashamed to buy this treat? Why do we feel impelled to split it with a friend, when we know we just want one for ourselves? Hell no I don’t want to share my six-inch diameter cookie with you. I’m starving and I just spent 3 points on this. Get your own.

Although I’ve been tempted many times in the past, I actually just had my first tasting of the cookies last Wednesday, and I have to say they really live up to their reputation. Ari bought the white chocolate cranberry one with the intention of us splitting it, but let’s be real: I probably ate at least two thirds of it. Who can blame me? They’re really good! The texture was spot-on—not too gooey but not too crunchy—and the size just can’t be beat. If you think they’re kind of expensive, just look at how much you’re getting. Six inch diameter? Now that’s a hearty cookie. We’re not talking Chips Ahoy here, guys. This is Bon Appetit, and they’re not kidding around.

One complaint though: the white chocolate chip to cookie ratio was very low. This might just be a personal thing but I strongly believe there should be at least one chocolate chip to every cubic centimeter of cookie. Ari shares this sentiment and joined me in my quest to break up the entire cookie and examine each piece to see if at least some of it contained enough white chocolate chips. (Embarrassing, we know.) And unfortunately, very few pieces met our standards. It was tragic. Tears were shed.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a snack that really hits the spot, give into temptation and buy these cookies. We won’t tell a soul. Pinky promise.

-Alex Irace

Have you tried the cookies? What do you think?