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More Voting Practice- This Week’s NoRA Cupcake Poll!

The folks here at WesStuffed like to think that we’re giving the young, university community a great chance to practice voting through these polls. Be it froyo, cupcakes, or hey, ...

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An Ode to Quick Breads: Blueberry Scones at Pi Cafe

I have henceforth decided to make “An Ode to Quick Breads” a regular column on WesStuffed, where I will document the most delicious quick bread finds at and around Wesleyan. ...

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Thanks Steve!

Feasting During the Hurrication

Some people live to go into survival mode. Whether it’s a snowpocalypse or a hurrication, the minute they hear about a natural disaster they book it to the grocery store ...

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FroyoWorld Halloween Raffle Contest

What sounds better than frozen yogurt and Halloween costumes? Correct answer: frozen yogurt, Halloween costumes, AND free money. Come to FroyoWorld in your Halloween costume tomorrow and purchase one of ...

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POLL: Choose the New FroyoWorld Sorbet!

What better way to spend your hurrication than thinking about frozen treats? Our friends at FroyoWorld want Wesleyan students to pick the new sorbet flavors for the month of November. ...

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o'rourke's bread

An Ode to Quick Breads: Cinnamon Raspberry Chocolate Chip Pound Cake from O’Rourke’s

I have a pretty serious obsession with quick breads. Seriously, any word of muffins, scones, banana bread, or pretty much any dough containing fruit, chocolate, and/or nuts, and I’ll come ...


Baby Phat - Front Row - Fall 08 MBFW

This Week’s Winners of Lil’ NoRA’s Next Top Cupcake!

I have six beautiful cupcakes before me, and only three can move on to become Lil’ NoRA’s Next Top Cupcakes. When I call your name, please step forward. Reeses Pieces- ...

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The Lil’ NoRA Cupcake Poll! Hallo-Weekend Edition!

Sup cupcake lovers? Our buddies at NoRA just filled us in on this week’s choices for the LIL’ NORA CUPCAKE POLL! Get ready…These are good ones. Witches Brew – Traditional ...

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halloween cookies

SPOTTED! Halloween Cookies at Usdan Cafe

Yesterday, a selection of macaroons, linzer cookies, and other fancy biscuits crowded the Usdan Cafe counter, and today? Halloween cookies! These little guys are pretty adorable. They come in two ...

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What’s Your Favorite Spot for Late Night Bites?

Is your fave spot not on here? Leave a comment and let us know where you go to satisfy your 2:00 AM cravings! [polldaddy poll=6628485]

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