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Chocolate Froyo/Oatmeal/Oreo/Coconut/Vegan Cookie/Vegan Fudge Sauce Parfait

Check out this great review of tonight’s vegan dessert option at Usdan! “Mmmm… I felt like such a stereotypical Wes student as I piled the layers of coconut, crumbled vegan ...

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Ronnybrook Revolution

As we swiped our WesIDs and strolled into the Usdan Marketplace this past weekend, we were very satisfied to see that our favorite on-campus eatery has lost none of its ...

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Red and Black CH33Z!

Red and Black Cheeses!

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Red and Black: Your Go-To for Artisan Cheese?

Red and Black Café never seems to disappoint. This place is part deli, part coffee shop, a quarter bakery, and is conveniently located right in our campus bookstore. Did you ...


Picnicking — New England Emporium Edition

  Be it a trip to Miller’s Pond, an impromptu lunch on Foss Hill, or a full fledge afternoon adventure, there’s never a bad time for a picnic, and luckily, ...

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Review: Pi Cafe Iced Tea

Having suffered a serious case of the freshmen 15, I vowed to avoid all sugar-laden beverages for the upcoming year. The only problem is that it can be difficult to ...

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Breakfast/Brunch Alternatives

Students seem to forget that Usdan is not the only on-campus option for brunch. True, it is delicious, and there are few things more exciting in life than a made-to-order ...

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