One of my all-time favorite pastimes is going on scavenger hunts in Neon Deli. Among their shelves, barrels, and freezers, I have found the most delightful selection of mass produced desserts.  Ben and Jerry’s Raspberry Fudge Greek Yogurt, Talenti Gelato, Pepperidge Farm cookies (try the Salted Caramel Milano Slices), Friehofer’s baked goods (I jump for joy every time I find the perfectly buttery and chewy chocolate chip cookies in the bread section), and old-fashioned candy are displayed in more obvious locations. Others are not so evident. One of my proudest moments occurred when I was pushing through piles of ice cream sandwiches and came across a container of Friendly’s Ice Cream Cupcakes. Today, my hunt resulted in a particularly exciting discovery, of a product I have yet to find anywhere else in America, let alone Middletown. Nutella Lovers beware. Neon Deli is now the proud vendor of “Nutella and Go”! This European-inspired item is truly phenomenal. It features airy, crisp “bread sticks”. They are perfect for dipping into the indulgent, generous portion of Nutella. The whole thing is adorably packaged in a two-sectioned container (hence “and go”), and makes a wonderful mid-day snack or dessert. I found the beauties sitting near the check out section, right above the candy and gum. The cashier told me that they just started selling them a week ago, and already they’re so popular that they’ve had to order more! I could not be more excited by this addition! Get ‘em before they’re gone!

-Ari Rudess