Anyone else feel like they’ve barely been to Usdan lunch this year? It’s not that I don’t love it (the Marketplace is my favorite place on campus—let’s be real), but it’s just so time-consuming. I can’t really justify sitting in a cafeteria for an hour and a half every afternoon when I constantly have a report to write, a chapter to read, or a test to study for. That’s why I really love the convenience of grabbing a vegan wrap or Chobani yogurt from Usdan café and eating while I work. Nothing says dedicated student(/major nerd) more than planning a lunch date with your organic chemistry textbook.

And hey, the Usdan lunch alternatives we have on campus are actually really good. Don’t believe me? Too addicted to the Usdan salad bar to ever consider checking out some other options? Maybe this will change your mind…


BAM. This is THE BEST salad on campus right now (excluding Caprese at Summerfields, obviously). Offered at both Usdan Café and Pi, this sweet and savory masterpiece really hits the spot and leaves you full for hours. I couldn’t even finish mine.

You just can’t deny the decadent taste of blueberries and candied walnuts countered by the somewhat tart flavor of goat cheese, all topped off with huge slices of smoked chicken. Just throw some balsamic vinaigrette on this bad boy and you’re good to go. Talk about luxury. This is just yet another example of Bon Appetit really bringing their A game this year. Although this salad is definitely one of their pricier options ($7.95 if I remember correctly), it’s soooooo worth it. Keep an eye out for it; they sell out pretty quickly!

-Alex Irace