In the interest of legality, the recommendations and opinions below are only meant for those at or above the legal drinking age in your state (which, since Connecticut likes Federal Highway Funding, is 21).

In the throes of college life it’s easy to get swept up in the ocean of Natty, Busch, and Keystone (or since this is Wesleyan there’s always the PBR). It pains me to see the people who get too caught up in those “beers” and come out of college hating beer, or (perhaps even worse) thinking that something like Blue Moon is the pinnacle of gourmet beer. That being said, there is hope for you all yet! Here comes someone who’s been fortunate enough to drink good beer (under adult supervision) since the age of 15 and would love to impart some knowledge.

I’ll start off with a profile of my favorite beer, Delirium Tremens. Named for the symptoms of withdrawal in alcoholics, DT is categorized as strong Belgian golden ale. Its 8.5% alcohol content certainly earns the name and its taste is something to behold. The beer is heavy and thick (as the above data suggests), but at the same time light, fruity, and refreshing. You could easily feel it warm your body on a cold winter’s night, or grab one under the sun during the dog days of summer to cool down. Critics more experienced than myself have admitted that it is a beer that defies description, a flavor too intricate for words, so you might have to take my word for it that it is worth a try. It is certainly not a beer for chugging, and one that demands you drink responsibly and with respect. This is due to the previously mentioned high alcohol content as well as the (unfortunately) high cost. A bottle will run you between 10 and 12 dollars (which I expect to be reimbursed Ari and Alex) but if you want to impress someone, or if you have something to celebrate it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s packaging honestly makes it worthwhile. The bottle is a work of art, and it is sealed with a champagne-like cork, instantly able to create a festive atmosphere. The beer (as well as every other listed in this article) is widely available around Wesleyan, Forest City and CT Beverage Mart both carry it, but Metro, despite its admirable if slightly disappointing beer selection, does not.

If Delirium Tremens is a bit too much, or if you’re a rookie in the wide world of beer connoisseurs, I beg your indulgence in some other recommendations. If you want a delicate introduction into good beers, I’d recommend the widely available Brooklyn Lager, it’s my go-to choice when people ask me for a recommendation and they don’t want something too heavy: A light refreshing lager that doesn’t just taste like slightly alcoholic seltzer. The Brooklyn Brewery also has a variety of delightful Pale Ales and other Ales that certainly merit a try. Saranac brewery also has a wonderful Adirondack Lager with a similar taste profile to Brooklyn.

To get a little heavier, the Victory Brewery out of Philadelphia, PA has a fantastic Headwaters Pale Ale, which I cannot recommend highly enough. If you want to try some Belgian beer (the best beer in my humble opinion) but don’t want to dive into the deep end with something like Delirium Tremens, I would advise purchasing some Grimmbergen (they have a blonde ale, which is almost like dessert; or a double, which is a bit darker and more intense), or Leffe (another blonde, and it’s like drinking cake). On the side of strong dark Belgian Ales, Duvel (the word for “Devil” in a specific Flemish dialect) is a strong Belgian Golden Ale, also with a champagne cork, that won’t disappoint. Also, the previously mentioned Victory brewery makes a Golden Monkey Belgian style trippel, a delicious 9.5% beer.

For now that is it noble readers, I will continue bravely drinking delicious beers because somebody has to, and perhaps I will be able to continue reporting it to you. While I truly hope my recommendations bring you happiness, the most important lesson I, or any critic of food or beverage, can ever give is to go out into the world and try things! Experiment! That’s the only way you’ll ever find the things you’ll love the most.

-David Hinds ’13

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