Ben and Jerry's Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Ice Cream at WesShop!

So today I was casually strolling through WesShop, taking pictures of every single gluten free product they sell for an upcoming blog post. As I meandered past the freezer section, I did my usually quick skim of the Ben and Jerry’s selection, and there, right between Late Night Snack and Imagine World Peace, stood the highly coveted, limited edition Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. Obviously, I reacted in the calm and nonchalant way that any other person would. Hyperventilating, I pushed past the innocent students trying to pick up their Cherry Garcia to snap a picture, and between gasps, I sent Alex the following text. “THIS IS AT WESSHOP!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?!” She called me immediately, stating that the text definitely merited a phone call. Thank you, Alex. This is why we are friends.

Long story short, WesShop is now a vendor of the Ben and Jerry’s limited edition Key Lime Pie Ice Cream. Any limited edition product is exciting. But ice cream?! Wait… Ben and Jerry’s ice cream?! Wait… Ben and Jerry’s key lime pie flavored ice cream!? If you’re not foaming at the mouth by now, perhaps you should consider mental help. Stop whatever you’re doing. The paper can wait. This can’t, and run, don’t walk down to WesShop to buy yourself a pint. And by all means, eat the whole thing.  Times ‘a ticking people! For all we know it’ll be gone by tomorrow!

-Ari Rudess

Have you tried the Ben and Jerry’s Key Lime Pie ice cream? What do you think?