It’s no secret that Middletown restaurants love Wesleyan. They appreciate the business we bring on a daily basis, they are happy to put our froyo in tupperware containers to save the environment, and they never mind the hoards of emails we send requesting vegan and gluten free options. They love and support everyone in our community, no matter how quirky and eccentric we may be.Two instances within the past three days have made me think about how much I, a Wes student, love Middletown just as much as Middletown loves me. One of these occured during a recent interview with the co-owner of Froyo World, Susan Santoro. When we asked her if the frozen yogurt store was going to begin taking Middletown cash, she replied that unfortunately due to the franchise’s system, they are not able to. She then told us about how a few days before, a student had come in and put her cup of frozen yogurt on the scale, then handed the cashier her Wescard to pay. They explained to her that they didn’t take Middletown Cash, and dejected, she began to walk out, until Santoro stopped her.“Of course we were going to give her the yogurt for free. We want to support Wesleyan students. We want them to come back,” Santoro explained to us. So much is she willing to support our community, that she gave Alex and I free frozen yogurt for writing an article about their store (which will soon be featured in the Argus)!Today at Brew Bakers on Main Street, I had the pleasure of experiencing a very similar situation. I was walking down to crew practice and suddenly found myself in desperate need of an Honest Zero Lemonade (my fave beverage), so I stopped in Brew Bakers hoping to satisfy my thirst. When I handed the cashier my Wescard, she explained to me that Brew Bakers no longer accepts Middletown Cash, because this method of payment is not very accommodating for small businesses. As I turned around to put the drink back in the refrigerator, she hurriedly encouraged me to take it for free. It turns out that she was the owner of the store, not just a cashier.“Take it”, she urged me. “I know Wesleyan students. They’re honest. You’ll come back”. I walked out buzzing with a warm fuzzy feeling, and grinning from ear to ear.

Of course I’ll come back, I thought to myself. How could I not support the town that is so supportive of me? After both hearing about and experiencing instances that demonstrated how truly appreciative Middletown is of the Wesleyan community, I can say with all honesty that I love this town, just as much as it loves me.



Disclaimer: This is not a suggestion to take advantage of local store owners by pretending not to know that they don’t take Middletown Cash. Don’t abuse the love!

-Ari Rudess