Check out this great review of tonight’s vegan dessert option at Usdan!

“Mmmm… I felt like such a stereotypical Wes student as I piled the layers of coconut, crumbled vegan chocolate cookies, vegan fudge sauce and Oreos in my clear cup. The cup was halfway full, but I proceeded to add a good heaping of chocolate Ronnybrook froyo, and then repeated my layering process. The coconut added the right amount of sweetness to the dry oatmeal, and the oatmeal calmed down the sugary taste. The crumbled vegan cookies added an additional chocolate boost, which was only supplemented by pieces of crunchy Oreo beautifully scattered atop my masterpiece.

I’m someone who loves tasting different things with each bite, so the sandwich of topping-froyo-topping definitely met my standards. At Usdan, the options may sometimes seem limited, but you just gotta turn your creative switch on and carry out your crazy ideas. Your creations can also turn out aesthetically pleasing, as this photo so beautifully displays!”

-Eva Frieden ’15


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