Final Dumplings

Vegetarian Dumplings – Alex Fireman ‘16

Veggie dumplings are hands down my favorite food. I will eat them steamed. I will eat them fried. I will eat them day old and cold straight out of the ...

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Weshop Originals: Warm Mediterranean Tortellini Salad

In the midst of a long, brutal winter, it’s easy to find yourself subsisting on soup, grilled cheese, chicken tenders, and other comfort foods. No one wants to venture out ...

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Back in the USA: Spiced Chicken Stew – Laura Hess ‘16

A lot of cooking habits that I developed while living “as an adult” in Paris have held over to my return to Wesleyan.  This doesn’t mean that everything I cooked ...

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Culture Shock: Eating in Paris – Laura Hess ‘16

As a food blogger and self-proclaimed foodie with a fairly strong handle on the French language, I was definitely excited to be living, studying, and – most importantly – eating ...

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Quiche- The Most Delicious Way to Have Dinner Forever

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that regardless of the circumstances, I would cook the majority of my meals. Stress, fatigue, and awesome Weswings ...

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Breaking News: WeShop Selling Plain Noosa Yoghurt

As every well-informed food lover knows, full fat yogurt is all the rage these days. WeShop, being the super trendy place that it is, has recently joined the club, by ...

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beltane farm

Goats, Grills, n’ Celtic

We were recently contacted by a friend of Beltane Farm, who let us know about an upcoming fundraising event in Lebanon, CT. As the title says, goats, grills, n’ celtic, ...

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Arugula & Prosciutto artisan pie

Mondo: An Important Slice of the Middletown Pie

Walking into Mondo at 4:30 on a Saturday afternoon, we expected the restaurant to be fairly empty and preparing for the 6 o’clock dinner rush. Yet, tables were quickly filling ...

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First Thursday’s: A Block Party on Main Street!

Cupcakes are great. Beer is great. Shopping is great. If you agree with most or all of the previous three statements (which, come on, you totally should), then we’ve got ...

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FroyoWorldAd (1)

Froyo World: A Topping Contest

Just some (more) food-related tidbits to ponder over Spring Break:   The contest is simple: is there a Froyo topping that a froyo shop back home has that you miss ...

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